Please make sure your submission is in related areas of the general topics of ICSSES2021. The scopes and topics include, but are not limited to:

General Topic 1: Signal ProcessingGeneral Topic 2: Sensors and its applicationsGeneral Topic 3: Electric Systems

Medical signal processing

Time-spectrum analysis and modeling

Blind signal processing and adaptive

Fractal and chaotic signal processing

Morphological signal processing

VLST in signal processing

Image processing and man-machine interaction

Pattern recognition and data statistics

Satellite navigation signal processing

Radar, infrared, laser signal processing

Machine/deep learning and artificial intelligence in sensing and imaging

Advanced Optoelectronic Sensors

Advanced materials for sensing

Wearable sensors, devices and electronics and applications

Smart/Intelligent sensors for Seismic Monitoring

Sensor arrays and Chemometrics

Array signal processing and wireless communication

Data Analysis Methods in Sensing, Cognition and Control

Sensors for Robotic Applications

Power transmission/conversion/storage/security

High voltage and medium voltage direct current (HVDC-MVDC) transmission systems

Industrial, commercial and consumable applications of electricity systems

Energy/ Battery storage management systems

Renewable and distributed generation technology

Sustainable development and Green electricity

Electric materials and semiconductors

Smart Grids and Smart Electricity Applications

Geographic information systems and its applications

Charging infrastructure/Electric vehicles/vessels/Space application